Unique ingredients

Our mission is to use science to unlock exciting possibilities in human and animal nutrition and wellness.

Inspired by nature’s wisdom, we carefully curate from its plants and materials to deliver unique ingredient solutions with compelling health and wellness benefits.

Whether sourced from unique species or from geographically distinct growing regions, our ingredients are gently extracted to preserve optimum purity and functionality and to maximise the benefits of your next product.

Exclusive supply relationships

Our exclusive relationships with local farmers and growers provide us with access to special raw materials, allowing us to curate the finest natural, unique ingredients. For example, our relationship with UNESCO-protected Pollino Park in Italy, located near our facilities, provides privileged access to rare and sustainably sourced extracts.

Branded ingredients

Our innovative proprietary ingredients are produced from materials unique in nature and provide unrivalled quality, alongside a wealth of health and wellness benefits backed by clinical research. Potent and nature-derived, these ingredients align to the latest health and wellness trends and will enable you to differentiate your products in a crowded marketplace.  

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Our natural ingredients are rare and powerful, combining nature’s wisdom with human ingenuity to drive progress forward.


Discover our unique story and how we combine the power of nature with human ingenuity.